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Going solar is the best decision you ever made

The electric grid from your city is not as reliable as it used to be. It is getting older, and the blackouts are getting regular. It’s hard to live like this – especially in the winter. But what if you could entirely eliminate the harmful blackouts from your life and make your first steps toward grid independence – and save a good buck in the process?

Switching to solar will be the best decision you will ever make. No more increasing electric bills, no more worries about rising electricity costs, and no more outages. You will be fully in control of what powers your house, and nothing will put you in the dark ever again. 

And FB Integrated Solutions is the best team to hire. Other companies spend up to 7 months on installation – we promise you we will finish it in mere two months. Our certified technicians are happy to lead you to a bright, grid-free future. 

Smooth transition

With FBIS crew, going solar is easier than ever. Our managers will calculate the right size of solar panels for your home, work out an installation plan and guide you through the process of getting a permit. Then, our team of experienced and trusted technicians will install the panels on your house and connect them to your system – all in one day. They will put them on your roof as gently as humanly possible, no matter the weather. 

Clean energy

Solar power is a renewable and inexpensive power source that can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. The price of the installation was going down, and now it is as low as ever. Installing solar panels will not just cut down your electric bill expenses and increase the property value, but will also help you earn money back. Solar panels can cover 80-90% of your energy consumption.

Amazing quality

FBIS partners with the best manufacturers to get you the most efficient photovoltaic solar panels on the market. Our project team will find the best way to adapt them to your specific situation. We pride ourselves on working with all types of projects and will work tirelessly to bring you the best solution – no matter how old your rooftop is. 

With our thoroughly selected, qualified technicians, the installation process will go smoothly.

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Gong solar in New England

New England is one of the best places to live but is it a good place for solar power? The West Coast seems to be more well-suited for it, doesn’t it?

The latter statement is a common misconception. Even though it may seem that New England doesn’t get as much sun as the West Coast, solar power density is much higher here, than in Europe. Going solar in Massachusetts is a great way to save more money – especially given the fact that the state offers incentives for those who do so. Our solar panels are built with ever-changing New England weather in mind and will last you for years to come. 


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At FBIS, we understand the value of giving our customers a wide range of options. We partner with the highest quality suppliers, providing our customers with the best materials on the market.

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