Solar systems pay for themselves with the energy savings

Contact us to see your estimated savings and system size. You will be suprised how much you can save.
Quality Solar Panels

Smooth transition

With FBIS crew, going solar is easier than ever. Our team of professional technicians will calculate the right size of solar panels for your home, work out an installation plan and guide you through the process of getting a permit.

Qualified team

FBIS partners up with the best manufacturers to get you the most efficient photovoltaic solar panels on the market. With our thoroughly selected, qualified contractors, installation process will go smoothly.
efficient photovoltaic solar panels

Clean energy

Solar power is a renewable and inexpensive power source that can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Installing solar panels will not just cut down your electric bill expenses and increase the property value, but will also help you earn some money back

Our suppliers

At FBIS, we understand the value of giving our customers a wide range of options. We partner with the highest quality suppliers, providing our customers with the best materials on the market.

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