The Connected Home

Home automation systems enable an increase in comfort, save the energy through intelligent management, and enhance home security

Bring everything together

Every bit of high-quality smart home systems for audio, video, lights, climate, and security we offer will be calibrated to your preference, pacing, and personality. Home Automation system tailors all high-end technological solutions we offer into an exquisite intercommunicating network carved for your pleasure.

Embrace perfection

Picture waking up to the sound of your favorite morning playlist, with your blinds letting just the right amount of light inside. A coffee maker prepares a cup of espresso while you brush your teeth. Lighting works intertwined with the whole home audio system to create a flawless morning atmosphere.

Enhance your

You can control anything from anywhere, without limitations – whether it’s the pool temperature, AC settings or lighting in your living room. All of that will be one click away – it all comes to a simple to use, hand held remote, programmed with your preferences. 

With FB Integrated Solutions, you can make home automation a reality today, greatly increasing the value, safety, and efficiency of your home while simplifying and enriching your lifestyle.

Our suppliers

At FBIS, we understand the value of giving our customers a wide range of options. We partner with the highest quality suppliers, providing our customers with the best materials on the market.

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