Generator maintenance

Regular Maintenance is a key component of your generator’s longevity and functionality. Protect your investment with FBIS Generator Maintenance Plans!

Platinum Plan

Terms and conditions

  • Generator Maintenance visits will be performed on business days. Customer is responsible for confirming appointments but is not required to be present during visits.
  • This agreement provides for one maintenance visit over the 1-year contractual period.
  • Equipment or parts in need of replacement or repairs will be brought to customer’s attention and billed separately on a time and material basis. Labor shall be based on “preferred contract customer” rates.
  • Service personnel will be available on a priority basis for maintenance agreement customers.
  • Agreement is transferable to new owner upon sale of property. Customer must notify FBIS of transfer in writing, along with a copy of the Sales Agreement.
  • Generator unit (interior and exterior components) must be found by FBIS to be in good working condition for Maintenance Agreement to be valid. Unit will be inspected and started prior to initial servicing of unit to ensure it is in proper working condition prior to acceptance of Maintenance Agreement. 
  • This Maintenance Agreement does not warrant parts or labor – it allows for maintenance of the unit only.
  • Please note that in the event of extended generator usage, manufacturers’ guideline must be followed regarding oil changes.
  • This Maintenance agreement covers maintenance labor and parts only. A separate invoice will be sent for additional materials and labor used for additional services performed that go beyond initial scope of work.
  • FBIS shall not be responsible for failure to render the services described in this agreement due to causes beyond its control.
  • Clear access to equipment serviced is required for technicians to complete the service. 
  • The maintenance agreement is month to month, however 30 days notice in writing is required to cancel the agreement.
  • All generators that have not been installed or previously serviced by FBIS have 6 months grace period that does not include on-site maintenance.  All maintenance services requested prior to 6 month grace period will have a discounted fee of $350.00.
  • The Agreement is for air-cooled Generac generators only.

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At FBIS, we understand the value of giving our customers a wide range of options. We partner with the highest quality suppliers, providing our customers with the best materials on the market.

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